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'A luxurious, moisturising cream. It smells lovely and the texture is beautiful'! Emily - GlossyBox

  • Clean Ingredients

  • All Skin


  • Fragrance-Free

  • Gentle On Skin

Developed By People Who Understand

After many years of witnessing clients suffer with various kinds of skin issues resulting from a compromised barrier, and wondering why the many products they have used previously did not work, I worked with Cosmetic Chemists here in the U.K to formulate and develop a skincare product that actually delivers.

- Jocelyn, Founder, Health Visitor & Real Person

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''This moisturiser is awesome, I want my skin to have some TLC and shout to my friends about it.'' HC

Same Formula, New Look!

Over the past few months we've increasingly looked to reflect our story more in the way our brand came to life. With continual progress and your feedback, we have upgraded our packaging to a glass jar, a more sustainable packaging that is friendlier to our planet.

The new Darkkins Intense Moisture Barrier Cream encapsulates our love for simple, clean yet effective skincare

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  • Tommy H.

    ''Recently discovered Darkkins moisturising cream. It's been my saviour this holiday after spending so much time in the pool and sea. Plus, it's a lot of natural ingredients''

  • Lauren B.

    "Excellent moisturiser from Darkkins. It is really hydrating, buttery soft and very luxurious. Have owned more expensive brands than this but must be honest, the effect of this moisturiser on my skin is simply amazing. I love my new moisturiser."

  • Hannah D.

    ''The Darkkins moisturiser is silky soft, rich and easily absorbed. My face looks pampered and loved.''