Best Ceramide-focused Skincare For A Supple, Barrier Boosted Skin

Best Ceramide-focused Skincare For A Supple, Barrier Boosted Skin

Thanks to their longstanding and proven credentials, skincare experts - and savvy shoppers - will always champion Ceramides thanks to their longstanding and proven credentials.

Naturally present in the skin, these lipids are helpfully described as the mortar that holds your skin cells (the bricks) together to form a protective layer, helping to keep irritants and environmental stressors out while holding moisture in.

But just as with other components of the skin that keep it firm and supple, ceramides deplete as we get older. Research suggests that significant depletion of moisture-locking ceramides in the outer layer of skin occurs in older women, making it drier and prone to irritation.

Ceramides benefit every skin type but significantly impact impact those with dry, rough or irritated skin.

And though it may seem counterintuitive as ceramides are fats, they are often a huge help with acne too.

Ultimately, the complexion will be plumper and look more radiant, as well as being less prone to redness and breakouts

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