Ceramide Powered Skincare : Health Visitor Founded Darkkins Skincare First Ever Press Launch!!!

Ceramide Powered Skincare : Health Visitor Founded Darkkins Skincare First Ever Press Launch!!!

The Multi-Ceramide Powered Skincare Boosting The Skin's Natural Barrier Function

Born out of real need, Darkkins is a Health Visitor founded clean and cruelty free skincare brand that creates products to effectively repair and restore the skins natural barrier.

In the UK alone, studies show that 1in 10 Adults and 1 in 5 Children are affected by some form of dryness of the skin resulting in the weakening of the skins natural barrier.

As s student Health Visitor, Jocelyn, our founder, quickly observed that dry skin and eczema related questions were one of the top questions families asked when they attended clinic.

They would normally talk about their frustration of not finding non- steroidal products that really worked for them. Wondering why there were so many products on the market and yet these families needs were not met, Jocelyn sought to fill the gap in the skincare market..

Many years on, after extensive research and working with a British Cosmetic Chemist, the Darkkins Intense Moisturising Body Cream was birthed.

At Darkkins, we are guided by using premium scientifically proven ingredients that Repair, Soothe and Maintain the skin's natural barrier AND eliminate ones that cause potential irritation to the skin such as fragrance, dyes, petrochemicals, sulphates etc
As one ages and through sun damage, together with skin conditions, the quality and quantity of ceramides reduce. This can lead to a skin barrier, causing dry, rough skin, wrinkles, redness, irritation and dehydration. 
Ceramides in skincare help seal in moisture, protect the skin from external hazards, strengthen your skin's barrier and improve hydration. This results in smoother and firmer skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, relieve dry skin, soothe and ease irritation.
For all skin types, best for Sensitive, Dry, Mature or Eczema prone skin.
''Our mission at Darkkins is to create effective skincare using scientifically proven ingredients that repair and boosts the skin's natural barrier''.
The Darkkins Intense Moisturising Body Cream is available to purchase here .
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